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Tumbuh Lebih dari 30x dan Cetak Profit, Perusahaan Logistik Indonesia Waresix Umumkan Total $25,5 Juta Pendanaan Seri A

Kurang dari 6 bulan setelah mengumumkan meraih US$14,5 juta pada putaran pendanaan Seri A yang dipimpin oleh EV Growth pada Juli 2019, Waresix hari ini menyatakan mendapatkan tambahan modal US$11 juta dalam perpanjangan putaran pendanaan tersebut. Dalam 18 bulan terakhir, perusahaan berhasil menghimpun modal US$27,1 juta.

January 14th, 2020|Indonesia News, Waresix|

Homage Raises Series B Funding Led by EV Growth

Launched in 2017, Homage delivers personalized and holistic care to individuals, families, and organizations to enable wellness and recovery, be it at home, point-to-point (for medical tourism or escort and transportation), or care within the health and aged care facilities.

January 13th, 2020|EV Growth, Homage|

EV Growth Closes US$250 Million Fund

EV Growth, a Singapore headquartered venture capital firm, has hit the hard cap of its first fund at US$250 Million, exceeding the firm’s initial US$150 Million target. This milestone is the result of the firm’s admission of new Limited Partners (LPs) which include several Asian based family offices and two of Asia’s largest sovereign wealth funds, including Temasek.

December 31st, 2019|East Ventures|